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Corporate Match & Volunteer Grants

Don't forget to match
Corporate Matching

Corporate Matching

Corporate matching programs are a wonderful way to double your donation at no additional expense to you!  Many companies, big and small, will match your donation and if both parents' employers match, you can get matching by both and triple your donation!
Suggested Steps:
1. DOES YOUR COMPANY MATCH? Check here or check with your HR department to see if they would consider matching your gift.
2. INQUIRE HOW TO SUBMIT A CLAIM. Corporate matching programs differ from company to company, but typically, you make your donation, then submit a request to your company (using your receipt as proof of your donation).
3. NEED ASSISTANCE?  Contact our Matching Gift Coordinators at We are here to help with your Corporate Match submission!

Typically you will need to provide the following information to your employer:


  • Copy of receipt (if you need us to generate one, please email us)
  • Organization Name: Coyote Creek Learning Fund, affiliate of San Ramon Valley Education Foundation
  • Tax ID: 02-0740700
  • Address: 8700 N Gale Ridge Road, San Ramon, CA 94582
  • Phone: 925-735-1183
  • Email:
Your company's matching database may have us listed as any of the following names:
  • Coyote Creek Learning Fund
  • San Ramon Valley Education Foundation
  • Coyote Creek Elementary School
If you've already submitted, feel free to email us at to let us know so we can track that we receive it. 

Volunteer Grants

Volunteer Grants

Volunteer grant programs are offered by a number of generous companies in support of employees who volunteer their time with charitable organizations. Parents of such companies can submit their time spent volunteering at Coyote Creek. Once verified, companies then send a monetary grant to us for the volunteer time worked. 
The submission procedure may vary from company to company. Inquire with your employer about this program and the submission requirements.
All your donations made to the school are eligible for matching - that includes classroom supplies, Fun(d) Run, Spellathon, music, chorus, drama, etc.
If both parents' employers match, you can submit the same donation to each company for a match. That is an amazing opportunity to essentially triple your donation!
There are typically submission deadlines for matching requests. Usually, that means:
  • Within a set number of months (usually 3 or 6)
  • By the end of the calendar year
  • By the end of the calendar year with a 1-2 months grace period
Check with your company to ensure you submit in time!
Your company's matching database may have us listed as any of the following names:
  • Coyote Creek Learning Fund
  • San Ramon Valley Education Foundation
  • Coyote Creek Elementary School
We have Matching Gift Coordinators that can assist you with your questions and/or special company requirements associated with successfully submitting a corporate matching request. Email
Some companies will only match your donations if they are submitted via your company first ... not directly to the school. Make sure to check your company's matching donation procedure before making your donation.
CCLF = SRVEF.  To save on the time and expense as a separate nonprofit organization, the Coyote Creek Learning Fund (CCLF) decided to affiliate with the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation (SRVEF). 
Bay Area Companies That Match

Bay Area Companies That Match

The following local companies are just a sample of the generous companies that Coyote Creek parents work for that offer a corporate matching program. We encourage you to find out if yours does too and to submit a claim to match your donation.
Applied Materials
Autodesk, Inc
Bank of America
Bank of New York Mellon
Bank of the West
Broadcom Limited
Cadence Design Systems
Charles Schwab
EBay Inc
Equinix, Inc.
General Electric
Gilead Sciences
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
KLA-Tencor Corp
Lam Research
Levi Strauss
Robert Half
Wells Fargo

Thank you for your support!

An Affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation
CCLF is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID: 02-0740700