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Adults on campus must register and receive clearance through "Be a Mentor".  Visitors/volunteers are required to swipe a photo ID in the school office, show up as cleared in the system, and receive a badge to go on campus.  Adults that are not cleared will not be allowed on campus. 
There are 3 levels of clearance.  Click here to create an account and apply for clearance:
Level 1 
Classroom volunteers:  This level of clearance allows you to volunteer in the classroom, support campus activities and chaperone day field trips (as a non-driver).  Clearance takes 48 hours.
Level 2
Field Trip Drivers:  This level of clearance allows you to drive students on field trips, extra-curricular activities and athletic events. Clearance for this level could take up to 10 days.  All drivers must maintain liability insurance of at least $100,000/$300,000 bodily injury and $25,000 property damage per occurrence
The District will obtain a 10-year driving history and DMV “Pull Notification" ("Pull Notification" allows the District to be notified any time there is a reportable traffic violation or incident that is registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles). It verifies that each driving record has fewer than two driver violation points on it. It also includes completion of the Volunteer Online Application, including uploading driver's license and declaration of insurance, and a search of the Sex Offender Registry. 

Level 3.  
Overnight Chaperones:  This level of clearance allows you to act as a chaperone for overnight field trips and activities. Clearance for this level could take approximately 45 days.
The District will be conducting background clearances on all Overnight Field Trip volunteer applicants. This is the most stringent level of clearance. It includes criminal background clearance through the FBI and Department of Justice, and requires applicants to be fingerprinted at one of several local, SRVUSD-approved Live Scan Locations. (For a list of locations, click here. *SRVUSD will cover the cost of fingerprinting only at these locations.) For additional requirements for chaperones who are also driving on a trip, see Level 2 above. 
field trip
Appointments Required

Appointments Required

Parents are not allowed to visit teachers or classrooms without an appointment.  Please make arrangements with the teacher directly via email.  Teachers will notify the office of the appointment so we can be expecting you when you arrive.